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Getting started with predictive analytics can seem daunting. We provide you an easy, guided process.

Creating predictive insights from your (big) data should no longer require an expensive team of data scientists. Our aim is to help businesses unlock the power of data, using smart machine learning software. So you can improve decision making with greater ease.

Standard analysis

  • Pinning down what you want to predict
  • Charts and insights on driving predictive indicators
  • Selection of best machine learning algorithm on your data
  • Creation of predictive models
  • Predicting on new dataset using best performing predictive model
  • Access to our browser-based, self-service, 4-step automatable analysis workflow for non-data-scientists
  • Analysis based on available dataset
  • Delivered in two days

Extended analysis

  • Assist in finding the right data
  • Extended data preparation
  • Fine-tuning predictive model
  • Report on predictive insights data
  • Up to 1 million predictions
  • Run in the cloud or on a local machine (for sensitive data)
  • Delivered in one week

Full feature analysis

  • Unlimited number of predictive models
  • Unlimited number of predictions
  • Analysis on big data sources with an high volume, velocity or variety
  • Run in the cloud, on your cluster or on your local machine (for sensitive data)
  • Make use of the ClearPredictions API to automate machine learning processes
  • Putting predictive processes in place and report on operational impact
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We provide software and services so you can make use of predictive analytics. There is no statistical knowledge required, only common sense. Reach out to us for more information:

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