Why ClearPredictions stands out

We provide software and services that allow you to build predictive models in just a few days, with a minimum of data science knowledge.
Topic Classic tools, provided by predictive analytics vendors ClearPredictions.com online platform
Expertise? Requires professional services of statisticians, data scientists, developers and BI experts for data management, automation and modeling. No statistical knowledge required, only common sense. Just use it!
IT involvement? Dependent of IT planning. Installation and setup procedures, strong licensing bounds and ties. No IT involvement. SaaS based, secure, immediate results, simple licensing, no strings attached.
Time required to develop models and start predicting? Weeks to months. Hours to days.
Quality of predictions? Accurate. But often only one machine learning algorithm used. Accurate. 8 different machine learning algorithms are deployed, best performing one in your specific situation is used during predictions.
Handling changing data or updated business requirements? Requires re-development. Version bound configuration.
User Interface? Requires training and statistical-analytical know-how Every business manager can use it!


We provide software and services so you can make use of predictive analytics. There is no statistical knowledge required, only common sense. Reach out to us for more information:

About the founder

Onno Pistorius, see LinkedIn profile

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